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Vietnam Travel Route is a Tourism Department of VMV Vietnam Media & Vacation JSC. We are one of the first leading tour operator and online travel service platform operated by the team of professional travel consultants in Hanoi, Vietnam and Indochina region. Started early working in tourism industry, we were one of the first touroperator in Hanoi then started our online office by building website: The brand name "VMV Vietnam" has come to mean a reliable tourist company in Vietnam. We have provided thousands of domestic & international customers their unforgettable "The Unknown Vietnam Experience". Under the brand of "VMV Vietnam", we have built a system of web sites with different themes of their own: (Vietnam Travel Services & VietnamTravel Guide) (Cambodia Travel Services & Cambodia Travel Guide) (Laos Travel Services & Laos Travel Guide) (Operating serveral of Halong, Mekong River Luxury Cruises & Junks) (The Best Vietnam Hotel Offers) (Offer the best quote of all range of Halong Cruises, Junks, Boat, Overnight in Halong Bay) (Vietnam & Mekong Delta Travel Guide)

Welcome To Vietnam Travel And Leisure, Asia Travel Land Co, Ltd


The charming Vietnam, has a system historical relists was recognized by UNESCO over many years, kind people. When tourists decide to travel here for relaxation, or conversation with really good local people, they help you so friendly. We introduce for ourself about service entertainments, accommodation, local tours, and transportation inbound or outbound, VNO Charming Travel +84.914.424.110.

++ Hue City Tours (Private, Bus, Boat trips, Motobikes, Cycle, Bikes;
Daily departure),
++ DMZ (Veterant) Tours (Daily departure),
++ Phong Nha Longest Underground River on The World(Daily departure),
++ Bach Ma National Park Adventure Trip (Daily departure),
++ HoiAn Anciant City Tour, MySon Holly Land Adventure Trip, 
++ NhaTrang Islands Tours (Daily departure),
++ DaLat-BuonMe-DakLak Highland Elephant trips,
++ MuiNe Wind Surfing Seaside Journey,
++ HoChiMinh the old & 2nd Central of Vietnam City Tours,
++ Cu Chi Tunnels Tour,
++ Mekong Delta River floating Market Trips (Daily departure),,
++ Phu Quoc Island Snokerling & Scuba Diving Tours,
++ Hanoi City Tour (Daily departure),,
++ Ninh Binh Tam Coc Caves & Trekking Jungle Forest (Daily departure),
++ HaLong Bay Hollyland for Relax Tours (Daily departure),,
++ SaPa Orginal Beauty Minority & Unit rice fiel(d Daily departure),, 
++ Vietnam Hotel Booking! VN Online Charming Travel +84.914.424.110.

We are providing help to Asia Tourists, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Shi shui shi Hoa Ren!
Jieo Dien Hoa Wo Shi Hoan Fang: +84.914.424.110.

Transportation Services From Hue or from the other destinations to Hue Booking:

 Airline: VN Online Charming Travel +84.914.424.110.

- Domestic Line:
+ Hue To HaNoi, Ho Chi Minh.
+ Ho Chi Minh To Hue, DaNang, HaNoi.
+ HaNoi To Hue, DaNang, Ho Chi Minh.
+ DaNang To HaNoi, Ho Chi Minh.
+ Ho Chi Minh To Rach Gia, Phu Quoc (02 ways).
- International Line:
+ Ho Chi Minh, HaNoi To;
· Bankok, SiemRiep, Vanvieng, Singapore, Tokyo.
· Beijing, ShangHai, ChenDu, TaiPei, Korea, India...
· USA, Germany, Ustralia, Austria, England, Holland, European

♦ Train: VN Online Charming Travel +84.914.424.110.

Domestic Line:
+ HaNoi-Lao Cai-- Ninh Binh-Thanh Hoa-Hue-DaNang-QuiNhon-NhaTrang-
Phan Thiet-Ho Chi Minh (02 ways).
International Line:
+ HaNoi To Quang Zhou, Chen Du, Nan Ning, BeiJing, Bang Tuong.
♦ Open Bus: VN Online Charming Travel +84.914.424.110.

+ Hue – Danang. 8 Am, 2 Pm. 12 Am, 6 Pm.
+ Hue – Hoi An. 8 Am, 14 Pm. 12 Am, 6 Pm.
+ Hue – Ha Noi. 6Pm 7 Am.
+ Hue-Nhatrang. 8Am, 14 Pm. 7 Am.
+ Hue-Dalat. 8Am, 14 Pm. 1 Pm. 
+ Hue-SaiGon. 8Am, 14 Pm. 6 Pm. 
+ Hue-MuiNe. 8Am, 14Pm. 2 Pm.
+ Hue-DongHa. 6 Am, 6Pm 8 Am, 8 Pm.
+ Hue-Vinh. 6 Pm. 2 Am.
+ Hue – Ha Noi. 6Pm 7 Am.


Daily Departure!!
+ Hue – DMZ – Ninh – Ninh Binh – Hanoi.
+ Hue – Hoi An – NhaTrang- MuiNe – SaiGon.
+ Hue – Hoi An – NhaTrang- DaLat – SaiGon.
+ Hue – Hoi An – NhaTrang- DaLat -MuiNe – SaiGon.
+ Hue – Hoi An – NhaTrang - SaiGon.

◄ Hue - Dalak, BuoMaThuot,Central Highland Of Vietnam.

♦Vietnam Car Rental Services:
VN Online Charming Travel Guide +84.914.424.110.
(Deluxe Transpotation- Tourist Euiptment Condition 45s-35s-16s-7s-4s)

Pick Up At The Phu Bai Airport (Hue),
Ø To Hue Central Hotel City (Two Ways).
Ø Hue sight-seing, Royal Tombs, other destination Hue arround. 
Ø To Da Nang, Hoi An (Two Ways).
Ø To DMZ, Dong Ha City, Dong Hoi City (Quang Binh Province) (Two Ways)

Pick Up At Danang Airport
Ø To Dang Center City, (Two Ways).
Ø To Hoi An - Cham Museum - Marble of mountain (Two Ways).
Ø To Hoi An Hotel City (Two Ways).
Ø To Hue Central Hotel City - Haivan Pass, Lang Co Beach, City Tour (Two Ways).
Ø To Qui Nhon, Quang Ngai Province.. (Two Ways).

Pick Up At Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi),
Ø To Hanoi Central Hotel City (Two Ways).
Ø Hanoi sight-seing city tour, (Two Ways).
Ø Halong bay trip (Two Ways).
Ø Hanoi & the other destination nearby (Two Ways).

Pick Up At Tan Son Nhat Bai Airport (Ho Chi Minh),
Ø To Sai Gon Central Hotel city (Two Ways).
Ø To Saigon city tour - Cuchi tunnel (Two Ways).
Ø To Mekong Delta Trip. (Two Ways).
Ø To Phan Thiet - Mui Ne seaside city (Two Ways).
Ø To Baria-Vungtau beach city. (Two Ways).

Pick Up at Duong Dong Airport (Phu Quoc Island)
Ø To Duong Dong, An Thoi, Ghenh Dau Hotel, Resort location. (Two Ways).
Ø To Phu Quoc island snokerling-scuber diving trip. (Two Ways).
Ø To Phu Quoc island adventure tour (Two Ways).

 Especially For Ocean Cruising Tourist Services:
VN Oline Charming Travel Guide +84.914.424.110.
+++ We Pick Cruising Tourist From 
Quang Ninh Habour, Visiting Cat Ba Island ,Ha Long City Tour, Hai Phong City Tour, HaNoi Capital City Tour,
Chan May Habour, sight-seing Hue City, DaNang, Hoi An.
SaiGon Habour, Touring Ho Chi Minh City Tour, Cu Chi Tunnel- Hollyland Tay Ninh Tower.
Phu Quoc, Duong Dong, An Thoi Habour; Take a look tradional pepper garden, Take caring dog at Phu Quoc Farm, shopping on The Island.

We are providing help to Asia Tourists, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Shi shui shi Hoa Ren! Contact by your languges! Wo Shi Hoan Fang.+84.914.424.10

Recommended By & Website.
VN Online Charming Travel Guide +84.914.424.110.
PS: Plesease Check & Comunicative With Us. We Arrive Your Staying In Hue - Vietnam. Recommend suitable way on Your Request !

Welcome To Asia - Vietnam - Hue City.Central Help - Care Tourist Information For Visitor, fell free get, recommended what ways for best promotion travel Local, Vietnam & Asia destination.

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42A Nguyen Tri Phuong St,
Hue Central City, Vietnam. 
Phone: +84.543.840.888
Fax: +84.543.938.999
Hotline: +84.935.905379 - +84.935.905379. (Mr Danis Phuong Hoang)
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Adventure Indochina Travel

Hearty greetings to our customers
Adventure Indochina is a specialist travel agency servicing international and domestic clients in the Indochina region. We can service your travel needs within Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Our dynamic and enthusiastic staff are well trained and very experienced and are multilingual. 

We can meet your needs in English, French and Chinese languages and we are always willing to help our clients in all circumstances and urgent cases. We are committed to providing services of the highest standard to our customers to ensure that your experience is satisfying and you enjoy many unforgettable moments when travelling with us.

Our head office at center of Pho Co (old quarter) in Ha Noi,we have a plan opening a branch in Hochiminh city , Adventure Indochina has a network of travel agents, both domestically and internationally, which ensure quality services and competitive prices in the Indochina region. We have established a long-term relationship with service suppliers which ensure not only competitive prices but also quality service. Adventure Indochina is continually striving to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements. By achieving this, we are able to contribute to the diversification and development of the tourism industry in Viet Nam and Indochina.

Our mission is to present the history, culture and beauty of Vietnam and Indochina to international friends as well as to introduce world culture to Vietnamese people. We will continue to enhance our status in the travel market, both domestically and internationally.

Our Tourism tours and other sevices :
Inbound tours ( group tour and private tour):
Sightseeing of historical sites and landscapes
Adventure trip through National Park and hilltribe villagas
Pilgrimage tours for veterans
Relaxation tours at luxury resort sattered along the breadth and length of Vietnam.....

Outbound tours ( group tour and private tour): Laos ,Cambodia,China,Thailand
Other services:
• Reservation of plane, train,bus ticket
• Car rental service
• Visa arrangement

Best Hotels Reservation Services with great discount rates

Our purpose is bringing you great satisfactions about : reasonable price,quality service,professional and hospitable staffs. 
Your pleasure is our success.
Adventure Indochina Travel
Add:1 Hang Buom Street, Hanoi Capital.Viet Nam
Hotline: +84 (0)903123772-0903299389
Tel: +84-4-22152153 , Fax: 39263143

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Quan Lan Island in HA LONG BAY

Quan Lan Island belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay, it has an area of 11km², and features eight populated hamlets. Quan Lan Island stretch toward East – West from the foot of Van Don Range to the Got Mount with many high mountains to the east barring waves and winds, protect the villages.The island is situated on an important navigation route that connects China, Japan, Thailand and Philippines to Vietnam. Along two sides of the island are tens kilometres of sand beaches. This is the endless resource for glass making which the sea gives to man and it is also the extremely interesting tourism.Since the 11th century, Quan Lan had been one of the centres of the ancient commercial port of Van Don, which was animated and prosperous at the time. Today, there are still many vestiges linked to the ancient commercial port. This also explains why the island, lying deep in the sea, has the large pagodas and archaeological sites seen today.On the island there is the Quan Lan Communal House built in the 18th century; exceedingly beautiful and almost entirely preserved. Next to it is Quan Lan Pagoda (Linh Quang Tu), which is dedicated to Buddha and Saint Lieu Hanh. The pagoda also worships the statue of old Hau, a local person who made lots of contributions to the construction of the pagoda. The statue features a gentle and cheerful old woman, which adds an original character to the pagoda. Beside Quan Lan Pagoda lies Nghe Quan Lan (Duc Ong) Shrine, which is dedicated to Pham Cong Chinh, a local person who participated in the historical Van Don battle against the Yuan invaders. He was later honored as a god. Quan Lan has many valuable sea products such as octopuses, butterfish, mackerel, holothurians, shrimp and sai sung.

Quan ho Bac Ninh folk songs

Quan ho singing is a folk art of a highly collective nature. Those who sing are not entertainers, but all are part of the performance, and anyone is welcome to join.

Quan ho Bac Ninh folk songs is inscribed on the list of Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 30th September 2009.

Car rental service


Wildtour Company have private car hire services for your business trip, sightseeing tours, pick up/see off at the airport when you arrive Vietnam. You can feel secure and put your faith in our service because our drivers are always careful and enthusiastic who can speak English/French language and thorough knowledge of tourist. 
Our price inclusive: private car, driver, petrol, toll, parking fees, tax.

Car hire price: (This price is valid to December 31, 2010) 

PRICE (USD)/04 seat/ 07 seat/ 16 seat/ 30 seat 

Pick up/see off Tan Son Nhat airport (within Ho Chi Minh city): 15$/ 18$/ 20$/ 25$ (for 04 seat/ 07 seat/ 16 seat/ 30 seat )
Ho Chi Minh city (8 hours) 44$/ 54 $/64$/ 90$ ((for 04 seat/ 07 seat/ 16 seat/ 30 seat )
Sai Gon - Cu Chi - Sai Gon 50$/ 60$/ 70$/ 100$
Sai Gon - Tay Ninh - Cu Chi - Sai Gon90$ /100$/120$/150$
Sai Gon - My Tho -Sai Gon : 60$/ 70$/ 80$/ 110$
Sai Gon- Vung Tau - Sai Gon : 80$/ 90$/ 110$/ 140$
Sai Gon-Cai Be(Tieng Giang)-Vinh Long-Sai Gon: 80$/ 90$/ 110$/140$
Sai Gon-My Tho-Can Tho-Sai Gon: 110$/ 120$/ 140$/ 180$
Sai Gon-My Tho-Can Tho-Chau Doc-Sai Gon: 160$/ 180$/ 200$/ 240$
Sai Gon - Phan Thiet - Sai Gon: 130$/ 140$/ 160$/ 210$
Sai Gon - Da Lat - Sai Gon (3 days): 170$/ 190$/ 210$/ 250$
Sai Gon - Da Lat- Nha Trang -Sai Gon (5 days): 270$/ 300$/ 330$/ 380$

Note: We will quote for you other prices following your route, you may send your order details to our sale center at 

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Established on April 1st, 1963 as a State-owned Commercial Bank.
- Paid-up capital: 3,955 billion Vietnamese Dongs.
-Being a special state-owned corporations, organised under “90, 91 Corporation” structure. 
-Being the oldest commercial bank for external affairs in Vietnam.
-Being the first bank in Vietnam having centralised capital management structure.
-Being interbank forex payment center for over 100 domestic banks and foreign banks’ branches operating in Vietnam.
-Being the first commercial bank in Viet Nam to deal foreign currencies, always takes the largest market share in the interbank forex market.
-Being full member of:
o Vietnam Bankers Association
oAsia Bankers Association
oVisa, MasterCard.
-Being the first commercial bank to issue and pay international credit card Visa and MasterCard and being the largest agent for card payment in Vietnam: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, JCB...
-Being the largest payment agent in Vietnam for Money Gram - the global express money transfer company.
- Taking largest potion in export-import payment and guarantee in Vietnam.
-Being the only bank in Vietnam to handle automatically 95% of swift messages meeting the American standards.
-Being recognised for 8 consecutive years (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003) as the bank having the best service quality in terms of internationally standardised Swift payment. 
-Being selected as a major bank to manage and serving the Government’s loans and aids and many ODA projects in Vietnam.
Being the leading commercial bank in trade finance, international payment, forex dealings, advanced Banking - IT implementation in Vietnam.
-Being awarded by the “Asian Money” – the famous magazine in Asia – as the first bank in Vietnam in 1995.

 Annual Report 2004  Annual Report 2005  Annual Report 2006  Annual Report 2007  Annual Report 2008  Annual Report 2009 
-Being awarded by “the Banker” – a reputable banking magazine in UK’s international financial circle – as “the Best Bank of Vietnam in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004”.


Request Detailed PriceSend to your friendsPrint
From: From $198 to $595
Start: Nha Trang
Finish: Nha Trang
Destinations: Nha Trang - Tri Nguyen - Cham de Ponagar - Cho Dam market - Nha Trang


  • Welcome at Nha Trang airport or at the railway station and transfer to your selected hotel. Nha Trang is well known for its pristine beaches and excellent scuba diving and is fast becoming a popular destination for international tourists. Nha Trang Bay is widely considered as amongst the world's most beautiful bays. Tourists are welcome to participate in the Sea Festival, held biennially.
  • Nha Trang was the site of the Miss Universe 2008 Pageant on July 14, 2008.
  • Meals on your own.
  • Overnight in Nha Trang.
  • After breakfast, take a boat cruise to visit islands and Tri Nguyen Aquarium.
  • Lunch in a restaurant on the island.
  • In the afternoon, visit Ponagar Cham tower and Cho Dam market.
  • Dinner on your own.
  • Overnight in Nha Trang.
  • Free time to relax on Nha Trang beach.
  • Meals on your own.
  • Overnight in NhaTrang.
  • Free time until your transfer to the airport or the railway station.
End of our travel services !



  • Accommodation in shared Double rooms including breakfasts at selected hotel.
  • Transfer mentioned by private air-conditioned car (van, bus...) as per program
  • English speaking guide on Day 1, 2.
  • Entrance fees for all sightseeing as mentioned in the program.
  • Boats for cruise.
  • Taxes


  • Drinks, tips, personal expenses and all services not clearly mentioned.
  • Travel insurance.
In our agency, we speak English, French and many other languages to make you feel the most comfortable. It is our honor to serve you at the best price and services. For further information, please click one of two buttons bellow:

Banks addresses for tourists in Ho Chi Minh City

Bank in Ho Chi Minh - reliable address
ANZ Bank
Add: 11 Cong Truong Me Linh St., Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 829 9319
Fax: 84-8 829 9316

Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)
Add: 442 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 839 5179
Fax: 84-8 839 9885

Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRIBANK)
Add: 50 Ben Chuong Duong St., Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 821 4224

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)
Add: 134 Nguyen Cong Tru St., Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 214 643

Credit Lyonnais Vietnam
Add: 17 Ton Duc Thang St., Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 829 9226
Fax: 84-8 829 6465

Indovina Bank Ltd (IVB)
Add: 39 Ham nghi St., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 822 4995
Fax : 84-8 823 0131

Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam (Incombank)
Add: 93-95 Ham Nghi St., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 821 0089
Fax: 84-8 829 0696

Saigon Thuong Tin Bank (Sacombank)
Add: 278 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St., Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 932 0420
Fax: 84-8 932 0424

Add: 24-26 Pasteur St., Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 821 2148
Fax: 84-8 821 2153

Vietcombank (VCB)
Add: 29 Ben Chuong Duong St., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 825 1317
Fax: 84-8 829 7228

Vietnam Exim Bank
Add: 7 Le Thi Hong Gam St., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84-8 821 0055
Fax: 84-8 829 6063

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Discovering the Mekong Delta tours

To mark the inauguration of the cable-stayed Can Tho Bridge that has the longest main span in Southeast Asia, Saigontourist Travel Service Company is launching new tours of the Mekong Delta
The tours include a four-day Cai Be-Vinh Long-Can Tho-Bac Lieu-Ca Mau tour, priced at VND3, 215, 000-VND3, 995, 000, departing on Thursdays and Saturdays; and a two-day Cai Be-Vinh Long-Can Tho tour, priced at VND1, 415, 000-VND1, 775, 000, departing on Thursdays and Saturdays. Tourists will discover the local village life with visits to floating markets, islets, orchards and a chance to listen to amateur southern opera.

From April 1, Saigontourist has increased the domestic insurance benefit it provides for tourists that take domestic package tours departing from all over the country with a maximum insurance benefit of VND60 million/tourist. 
With the new Can Tho Bridge across the Hau River opened to traffic on April 24, linking Can Tho and Vinh Long, the overland journeys in the new tours arranged by Saigontourist, which have been departing every week since late April, will help tourists discover the attractions and distinctions of the Mekong Delta. On the Cai Be-Vinh Long-Can Tho-Bac Lieu-Ca Mau itinerary, tourists will visit famous floating markets of the Mekong Delta, including Cai Be floating market in Tien Giang Province, which is held all day with hundreds of boats full of fruits; Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho Province, where tourists will enjoy local specialties on a friendly local boat; and Ca Mau floating market, a crowded market that is filled with the aroma of cakes and the green color of fruits and vegetables.

Along with “Discovering the Mekong Delta, ” Saigontourist has recently introduced a four-day Chau Doc-Rach Gia-Phu Quoc tour, priced at VND3, 359, 000-VND3, 529, 000, departing on April 30, helping tourists enjoy the scenery and specialties of the Mekong Delta and relax on Phu Quoc Island.

Coach Hire|Mini Bus Hire|Coaches Hire Manchester

From the moment you contact Selwyns Coach Hire you can rest assured that you are being taken care of by professionals. We have over 40 years experience of providing quality coach hire at a price that you can afford.

Whatever event you are planning, our expert personalised service will ensure that your trip goes smoothly. Whether you are organising a club outing, school trip, airport transfer, firm's outing, corporate event, wedding, or any other trip, Selwyns Coach Hire will ensure that you reach your destination in safety and comfort.

Our coach hire service is located in the North West, with bases in Liverpool, Manchester & Runcorn and we are available for travel over the whole of the UK.

Travel by bus in vietnam

Bus is the most popular way for travelers on a tight budget to choose. Traveling by bus allows traveler to stop in any destination and stay as long as they like at reasonable prices. Although, compared with train bus hardly can give passengers a comfortable trip, it's still a hard-to-beat means of transportation in Vietnam.
If you want to discover thoroughly a certain place and gain more local experiences, public buses are an option worth considering. They run many of the same routes everyday and also additional routes throughout Vietnam.
Though, there are areas in which public buses are forbidden to access, such as District 1 and 3 in Ho Chi Minh City. So, for the sake of yourself, you should get a map of the main routes of each city's public buses on sale at bookstores. Ticket can be purchased directly at the bus stations or on buses at low prices. However, you should acknowledge the discomfort when taking this vehicle.


Vietnam tour and Vietnam Hotel Vietnam hotel




Vietnamese Border Crossings

To Laos

There are two border crossings to Laos:

▼ Keo Nua Pass (also known as CaU Treo):
From Hanoi, you can take direct overnight buses to Vientiane, across the border at Cau Treo, 80kms from Vinh City in Vietnam’s Central Provinces. For tickets and information, contact Hanoi’s tours and travel agents, under Travel Contacts.

 Lao Bao:
From Hue, direct buses for Savannakhet cross the border at Lao Bao, near Dong Ha in the Central Provinces.

To Cambodia

There are three border crossings to Cambodia:

▼ Moc Bai:
The main overland border crossing to Cambodia is northwest of Ho Chi Minh City at Moc Bai (in Tay Ninh Province). Direct buses from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh take around eight hours. Tickets cost between $8-16.

▼ Vinh Xuong:
A new riverside border crossing called Vinh Xuong is located 30kms north of Chau Doc, in the Mekong Delta at Vinh Xuong. For boat transfers up the Mekong River to Phnom Penh,

▼ Tinh Bien:
The third international border between Cambodia and Vietnam had been opened at Tinh Bien, about 25 km west of Chau Doc.

To China
There are three border crossings over China:

▼ Lao Cai - Ha Khau
The Hekou Bridge overland border to China is at Lao Cai, (the main train station for Sapa) in the northwest. Twice weekly trains also run from Hanoi to Kunming in China; you can also board the train at Lao Cai Train Station. .

▼ Mong Cai - Dong Hung
The Mong Cai - Dong Hung - the third border crossing China can be found at Mong Cai Town, northeastern of Vietnam. To get there, you can get hydrofoils direct from Hai Phong or Ha Long (see hidrofoils).

Contact the main boat jetties in town for tickets & information.

▼ Huu Nghi:
Huu Nghi is an overland border of 18kms north of Lang Son, in the northeast. From Hanoi, minibuses depart from Gia Lam Bus Station for Lang Son. There are also local trains from Hanoi, which stop at Dong Dang Station, 4kms away from Huu Nghi. The international train for China (Beijing) departs Hanoi’s main train station via Dong Dang Station, but you can only join the train at Hanoi.

Vietnam Cruises with Vietnam travel agency

Wonderful cruises in Vietnam welcome all of you!
Minmax Travel Company
 will be your ideal choice for Vietnam cruises

MinMax Travel is a Vietnam tour operator specialising in high-quality tailor-made tours in Vietnam and neighbouring countries. We're fully licensed and bonded, and highly competent.

Our tour designers and operators are well-trained friendly experts. You'll have your own personal tour operator who'll manage the entire process from your first enquiry to collecting feedback after your holiday, and will always be on hand to help and advise when needed. Everyone at MinMax Travel is deeply committed to our ideals and to your holiday – only 100% customer satisfaction is good enough. We want you to return home feeling that that your holiday was money well spent! Obviously, we hope you will decide on a fully customised Vietnam tour with MinMax Travel. However, please look at other companies before making your choice. We're convinced that having done so, you'll opt for us.

Warning - Kayaking in Halong Bay

We just had the most horrendous experience in Halong Bay with a kayak. Kayaking is generally assumed to be very safe in these calm waters but there are some serious hazards that we were not warned about. A friend and I kayaked around some of the karsts. As we approached what looked like just another cavern in a wall, our kayak got sucked in. We didn’t really know what was happening but couldn’t stop the kayak and smashed into the wall of what turned out to be a cave.
The impact capsized the kayak. We managed to cling on to it but couldn’t understand why it was getting darker around us. When we barely saw any light from the now far-away entrance, we abandoned the kayak and tried to swim, realising for the first time that we were in a very, very strong current dragging us further into the cave. Swimming was no use and eventually we managed to hit the walls, now in utter darkness. My friend and I were separated but could still communicate with each other by shouting. We then desperately tried to claw our way back along the walls against the current. It took about 45 minutes to an hour before we saw daylight again in the distance.
Luckily another friend had seen where we disappeared and returned to our boat to alert the crew. They were unfortunately ill equipped to deal with the situation and managed to get themselves into trouble by following us into the cave. Eventually we were rescued by another tourist kayaker on a rope. We sustained serious lacerations to body, hands and feet from clinging on the sharply-countoured cave wall and the whole experience was absolutely terrifying.
Swimmers less strong or less confident in the water may well have been swept all the way or drowned. Locals later told us that we were lucky to have survived; apparently the cave may be up to 200 m deep. Why there is such a strong current we could not work out; there may be sinkholes into which we could have been sucked.
Our nightmare was unfortunately not over. Our hosts were not worried about our injuries or trauma - instead we were soon approached to pay 500 US dollars for the lost kayak. We were threatened to be held to ransom in the boat if we did not pay and even later, when we talked our way to be returned to Cat Ba where we booked the trip, we were blackmailed as the company held our passports. Eventually, we parted with 150 US dollars just to get away and have our injuries seen to.
I have travelled to many countries in the world and I am saddened at how this experience turned out for us. Please spread the word that the caves around Halong Bay can be dangerous.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market, Vietnam Markets: Ben Thanh Market is situated at the intersection of Le Loi Avenue, Ham Nghi Avenue, Tran Hung Dao Avenue and Le Lai Street, 700m south-west of the Rex HotelAt first, the market was situated near the Ben Nghe River Dike. After being moved many times, it is now standing in the centre of the city where consumers can conveniently find all sorts of products.According to Vuong Hong Sen, author of "the book Saigon of the Past", in 1912, the French filled a pond, the Boresse, into a solid foundation of 12,000m² and built a market on it. The market was close to a landing stage (Ben) of the old city (Thanh), hence its name of Ben Thanh. The opening ceremony for the market in March 1914 was a big festive event.At present, the front of Ben Thanh Market faces Quach Thi Trang Square; its rear faces Le Thanh Ton Street; its right, Phan Chu Trinh Street and its left, Phan Boi Chau Street. At all of its four sides, there are bustling trading shops. Located at the centre of the city, Ben Thanh Market is always loaded with varieties of goods, such as consumer goods, cakes and candies, food and foodstuff, and particularly high-quality fruit and vegetables. Goods are displayed in a very attractive way that always catches the eyes of the buyers. They meet all requirements for the customers' daily life or for their families. The market has four gates that are very convenient for the market-goers. For all of its advantages, Ben Thanh Market is one of the most attractive tourist sites in the city for both domestic and foreign visitors.Ben Thanh Market is a huge covered market in central HCMC. It is one of the best places to buy coffee, but do try the stalls inside before buying, as the outside stalls are more expensive. Also if you are buying a reasonable quantity you can usually get a couple of free coffee filters. Vietnamese coffee is really delicious, I'm surprised it is not more widely available in the West.Apart from coffee, you can get almost anything in the market or the shops surrounding it. You will have to bargain, unless the prices are written on the goods, but that is all part of the experience. And afterwards you can have a bowl of delicious noodles.

Cho Gao floating market

Cho Gao floating market- Vietnam Markets: Cho Gao village is a local market and continue to My Tho.In the early morning, you could travel by your comfortable bus towards Can Duoc, where you come aboard of your boat to cruise to the Cho Gao floating market.This sightseeing is extremely interesting as you participate in the life of the local people. The market is a melting pot of colors, shapes, sounds and smells. Rice, fresh fruit, fish, handicrafts, bonsais, almost everything is for sale, a great opportunity to find some nice souvenirs for the loved-ones at home!