Located 150 km from Hochiminh City, the jungles of Nam Cat Tien support an astounding variety of bird life, a very healthy population of monkeys. Nam Cat Tien boasts a wide range of evergreen, semi deciduous and bamboo forests; some 1800 species of plants thrive in the park. In 2002 UNESCO added Cat Tien National Park to its list of biosphere reserves.
First come to Cat Tien National Park, visitors will be provided with valuable information at the eco-tourist and environmental education centre. Cat Tien National Park can be explored on foot, by mountain bike, by jeep and also by boat along the Dong Nai River. There are several well established hiking trails and Bau Sau is the most interesting site of the discovery trip. Those who like thrills can spend the night at the ranger's post and view the wildlife at night.

Bird at the Park
Dong Nai River
Wild Life
Crocodile Lake