Noodles, vermicelli, typical breakfast dish or stomach lining, but a bun grilled shrimp or chicken curry noodles, then perhaps you will be "warm belly" all afternoon.
The first is the grilled shrimp noodles, this dish would probably make you "love" from the first look: A big bowl noodles, arranged neatly on the black tiger shrimp 5 but only "crisis" that takes up most of the mouth bowls. Grilled Shrimp course to be whole, not peeled available. Before you have to enjoy hard little exercise, leisurely individual peel a crawfish. Slightly annoying but so new you "evaluate" the quality of it, you do the shell of this block negotiations proved very fresh shrimp not frozen all month.

Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli essence of "the mix they" should not have hot soup that comes as a cup of sauce being constant. Pour sauce into a bowl noodle bowl, mix it all up, to permeate every fiber bun, stem vegetables, shrimp, you will feel a little flavor tasted sweet, bitter. In particular, the second fiber bun is to fulfill, "mup MIP" bar food becomes cool, delicious.

Grilled shrimp with noodles, however, you must ensure that their "worm seafood," like the feeling that flooded shrimp bites, because this is not too fussy dish, the flavor non-mutant. Most of its attractions is the "substance" and little is new to the Ha Thanh.

Chicken noodle dish is a completely different flavor. Noodle bowl at first glance to be divided into two parts. One side is white microfiber fresh noodles, the rest is chicken cooked in yellow viscous dark like fake food candles of the North. The main attractions are the chicken thighs speech language song to make thick muscles. Besides, there are rotten sweet potatoes, cut into pieces to copy. All the security stuff as in the strong curry, aromatic flesh, creating a dominant flavor of the dish. Eat chicken noodle course you also have to mix up and do not forget to add bean sprouts come alive, if not faster feel on the day.

Overall, this dish to enjoy both hot season is the most ideal, but on the day the sky will also still be collected will discover interesting for those who are interested in Southern cuisine. Because these are the dishes featured in the domain, only a little variation on reductions to the palate, with the origin of the North.

Where to bring "strange wind" for the Ha Thanh is a restaurant with a rustic name - Noodle House I is located on Ly Thuong Kiet. Not only the food processing South, where we also serve various kinds of noodles and the North - Central - South. So, if you open the menu you will encounter the familiar dishes such as crab noodles, vermicelli snails, duck noodles and bamboo shoots ... and even completely new dishes such as noodles and barbecue spring rolls, fried noodles and dried shrimp, fried chicken noodle chili discharge ...

Advantages of this restaurant is located in the center, very easy to find, spacious, spacious, elegant, and most importantly "what what what rust, what noodles also" the process is very professional. However, food prices are not cheap here. The noodle dishes are average price of 79,000 VND / bowl, a special kind of noodle (like noodles and grilled shrimp) is 135,000 VND / bowl. But the restaurant manager, said: "Customers come here are those who respect the motto 'expensive pieces cut out' all".