Located 16km far from Thanh Hoa city, Sam Son Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam. If you start from Hanoi capital, keep on traveling by bus or by train about 170km to the south you will reach Sam Son Beach. There are high-quality buses depart from northern bus station at 5h30 am every 4 hours.
Like Thanh Hoa city, Sam Son beach belongs to the tropical monsoon area: hot in summer and cold in winter, on the contrary. In summer, Sam Son beach is one of the most crowded-tourist sites in the Northern. Many families, groups … are selecting this site for their summer holiday.
Back to time, the history showed that the French colonial began to develop Sam Son beach into a resort for French civil servants and officials during the Vietnam War against French in 1906. It is not only the best accommodation for relaxation but also the site of many famous landscapes such as: Hon Trong Mai, Doc Cuoc temple, Co Tien Mountain, etc.
Presently, during the beach vacation in Sam Son beach of Thanh Hoa province, tourists are impressed by a long coastline of white sand beach of 10km, plentiful scenes, and historical vestiges. Especially, the hospitability and friendly of local people are always kept on travelers’ mind. Furthermore, staying on Sam Son Beach, travelers can not miss to taste lots of delicious sea foods such as crab, oyster, prawn, tuna and also fermented pork roll (nem chua), a famous specialty of the northern province of Vietnam.