Afternoon last week, she welcomed me with a hearty plate of rice was based both drive the same beam, hot vegetable bowl and drive the stock catfish fragrant knotweed.The stock catfish fragrant knotweed, there are new items that I most anticipated.

Catfish same familiar to people with delicacies like ginger sauce dotted grilled catfish, catfish catfish porridge or soup elected.But perhaps few people enjoy the same stock catfish fragrant knotweed.

Catfish fragrant knotweed but the repository in a simple process but the taste is quite delicious and colorful you.

Knowing I always loved this dish so that each time I visit home as her mother shopping in the morning, choose to buy the best catfish.According to her, catfish are more like the white catfish, catfish coconut ...and yellow catfish.Want to stock catfish dishes fragrant knotweed, they must choose the most delicious yellow catfish weighing nearly half a kilo.Yellow catfish are golden brown skin, pale yellow flesh, firm and very fragrant.

Catfish purchase of the mother drop into bowl of water, change water several times to both less sticky substance and then brought her carefully remove hooks, gut fish, remove the fins.Mother soaring bamboo leaves slime all over her fish and rinse the fish with ginger wine to remove the fishy smell of fish.

The fish are cut into thick slices, salted, fish sauce, seasoning, satay, onion, garlic, crushed fresh technology about fifteen minutes.

While waiting for your personal participation, his mother into the garden to pick a handful of fragrant knotweed, bringing in the odd young leaves, washed, so available.Non-fragrant peanut oil with Mother of hash and stir for catfish on hunting for meat and aromatic.Mother used a clay pot, lined with a layer of fragrant knotweed bottom of the pan, pour the prepared catfish on top, add boiling water intrusion close to the fish, cook low heat until the water in the pot dry completely.Finally, she added a little pepper powder and heated warehouse with ash pan fish for fish dishes are hot, aromatic meat and fish and hunt over it.

Catfish dish fragrant knotweed inventory of the very attractive mother with slices of fillet firmness, glow yellow color of peanut oil and fresh technology, up to the aroma of fragrant knotweed.But taste is not impeccable with the fat of peanut oil, dai dai and the aroma of catfish, spicy satay, and the fragrance of the fragrant knotweed.All blend together to create a real repository aromatic fish dishes, delicious, attractive and very charming.

The days away from home, the stock catfish crave fragrant knotweed, I bought in the market to find the catfish the same bunch of fresh green vegetables aggregate brought cloudy cooked green room.But no matter how much they try to fish my childhood fragrant knotweed is missing something that makes a great taste of the fish stock is cooking her hometown.And I understand there is the familiar flavors of earth, the home fields and boundless love of his mother had hidden in the warehouse catfish slices rustic fragrant knotweed, beloved hometown