From September, October, around the streets of Hanoi everywhere encounter the familiar image is a deep cast iron pan with half heart in the sand was hot, steaming facilities and untouched plate "hot chestnuts" "chestnuts roasting" ...

Chestnut is your favorite snack of many people, especially teenagers in the days of winter, but many do not know that chestnuts are delicious rich nutritional value.Essential components of nuts include starch, protein, lipids, vitamins B1, B2, C, PP and the minerals Ca, P, Fe support your work, add the kidney, strengthen the body, except for cough, have be used to treat stomach pain, drew blood ... chestnuts can be eaten raw, cooked (boiled, roasted, baked, security ...) the processing of chestnut flour to make bread, porridge, cooked tea.

Previously, chestnuts roasting dish of the poor, because of a lack of it grows on trees in these forests arid, harsh.Every season ripening fruits, the children we find trees to get used to the pool is picked up every particle of gold.It does a rain storm, the children a bag full of bumps racing.The woman in the family cleverly made into discipleship tingle roasted aroma, are dull.What the cobbler does not.Food gifts that were popular during my childhood in bold and original remains intact no matter what time, anywhere.

In recent years, at the corner of Hanoi Old Quarter, along the Giang Vo, Cat Linh, Nguyen Huu Huan intersection, Hang Bac, Hang Be street corner, the end of Hang Dieu Street, First City To President ...roasted chestnuts reappeared with special flavor integrity of any childhood.Chestnuts are tasty seeds are round, taken from the right to gather fruit ripening.Chestnuts roasting technique is no different now than a few days old, especially the roast should be fine, just so ripe nuts without burning too.The shell is very hard nuts to want it cooked and tasty, we bring hard-boiled and then roasted to a turn until the aroma is up.When roasting, chestnuts are for raw shell, not roasted or roasted with sand (sand islands are hot enough and the chestnut on).

Now there is more variety to delicious and creative ways of processing.This is a way to contribute to food Hanoi more abundant and diverse.

Sitting a roadside restaurant, enjoy each dark roasted chestnuts, pineapple tingle, fleshy fleshy.Torus xao feeling, very interesting.In the cold season where the magnificent capital, Deleting, a familiar enough smoke flap heartwarming sons expatriates.