Dishes made ​​from catfish has long been familiar to her children home I western rivers.

All parts of catfish from the head, body, tail, to the stomach can be made into delicious dishes.The housewife can find catfish stomachs buy at the market or supermarket for food processing.In the past people often leave catfish stomach, recent years dishes made from catfish stomach was enjoyed.Currently stomach 100g catfish cost about 14,000 VND.

Stomach fried catfish is one of the dishes easy to make, by rapid processing, the material easy to find, quality not inferior to the spiritual specialties such as fish, fish the lease.

Stomach basa purchased washed in brine, rub clean.Then wash using fresh lemon juice to remove fishy smell, drain.Lean pork washed, finely minced, with seeds spicy seasoning, then put the meat into the stomach.Stir flour mixed with water into a paste, for the stomach to roll over the dough.

To pan boiling oil, for frying in the stomach, when the stomach rise and reclining yellow crispy cooked, remove and drain the oil.This dish is served hot with sweet and sour sauce, fragrant knotweed.